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Wis-D Essence

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Product Name: Wis-D Essence
Product Code: 10026
Weight: 300mg x 60 capsules
Ministry of Health Registration No.: MAL08031425TR
Price: USD 150 (Outside Malaysia)
RM220.00 (Inside Malaysia)

5 Major Strengths

-Stimulates secretion of Growth Factor
-Stimulates Pituitary Gland
-Activates cells, improves secretion of Growth Factor
-Supplies sufficient nutrition
-Improves Intelligence

WIS-D Essence is formulated through the combination of breakthrough achievement in scientific research and the latest treatment concept of traditional Chinese Medicine, producing the FV active factors ( bio growth factor ) extracted from pure and natural plant to form nutritious elements needed for growth of human IQ and height. It enhances metabolic functions of human endocrine system, stimulates pituitary gland rapidly to secrete essential of growth factors, to enhances growth of bone and IQ rapidly.


Seabuckthorn Seed Oil
Eradicates excess free radicals in the body, strengthens body’s immune function, regulates and repairs active immune cells of the body, enhances resistance of body against diseases, regulates endocrine system.

Pine Nut Oil
Has effect of lowering cholesterol and triglyceride, inhibit vasoconstriction, promotes metabolism of interferon and lymph nodes, lower blood pressure, activates NK cells and promotes breakdown of fat.

Repair scar of skin, improves coarse and flabby skin, strengthen elastic fibers of skin, promotes metabolism of melanin for skin whitening.

Ginkgo Leaves
Improves blood circulation, anti-aging, nourishes brain, improves brain function and restores memory.

Improves immunity, resists free radicals to prevent free radicals from damaging body, prevents cardiovascular diseases, aids in growth and recovery of body tissues and enhances growth of bones and teeth.

Stigma Crocus Sativus
Has anti-oxidative functions, restorative and curative effects on children’s brain and eyes.

-Improves memory and prevents dementia
-Repairs and stimulates brain cells
-Enhances synthesis, growth and development of DNA & RNA, prevent aging of brain cells
-Improves the activation of SOD and antioxidation activities, eliminates free radicals, protect brain tissues
-Improves blood circulation of the brain, stimulates dormant brain cells

-Enhances growth factor within body, promotes growth of bone
-Promotes differentiation of bone and the growth factors of bone cells
-Stimulates cleavage of epiphysis and cartilage cells, increase the synthesis rates of new bone through calcification with protein, prolongs growth period of bone and opens up the ossified bone growth points


1st stage – Starting period
Improves brain cells, bone cells, memory, appetite, intestinal digestive systems and sleep quality

2nd stage – Restorative period
Regulates endocrine system, repairs bone cells and brain cells, promotes secretion of pituitary gland and improves memory

3rd stage – Growth period
Repairs and improves gene factor, increase high by 3 cm ±

4th stage – Consolidated period
Height increase rapidly, IQ improved, strengthens short and longterm memory, improves eye sight, improves vitality and delays closed period of epiphysis

Recommended For :
-Individual with underlying underdeveloped physical growth
-Individual with poor memory and coordination
-Individual who experienced amnesia, constant headache and numbness of joints, hand and feet
-Individual going through the growing stages especially children and youths
-Individual with poor eye sight
-Individual who exposed to constant damaging light such as radiation from the monitor, TV and sunlight
-Individual with a family of brain related diseases such as stroke, alzheimer’s and -Parkinson’s diseases
-Individual with frequent insomnia and in constant stress

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