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Vital Essence

April 15, 2010 2 comments
Vital Essence

Vital Essence

Product Name : Vital Essence

Product Code10020
Weight350 mg x 10 capsules
Ministry of Health Registration No. : MAL06091570T
Price :USD 150 (Outside Malaysia)
RM220.00 (Malaysia)

Eros-Gen Capsule –3 Unique Features

Eros-Gen Capsules differ from ordinary nourishing kidney tonics or supplements that only emphasizing the effect of ” nourishing or toning’ kidney. In fact Eros-Gen not only nourish or tonify the renal function or Renal qi, but it really plays the role of replenishing vital essence to the kidney. invigorating the kidney function besides it complements, reinforces, regulates and recuperates our Renal or kidney function ‘ completely’! That’s Why Eros-Gen Capsule is so unique and special combination of ancient royal formulation with modern technology that can quickly and effectively restores the propel function of the male reproductive system.

First Feature:

Eros-Gen contains a Kidney Enzyme Active Factor which can invigorates and tone the kidney, endocrine system and make reproductive system. It enhances libido, performance vitality and condense. Helps maintain a healthy male reproductive system and prornotes sexual satisfaction.

Second Feature:

It provides unique ‘three-in-one” functions. I.e. remedies, restores and nourishes thoroughly the make Reproductive system. It improves sexual potency, renal qi and strengthens stamina.

Third Feature:

Eros-Gen will effectively regulate. Repairs and improves the kidney function and renal qi, then it will start nourish the kidney, testicles and male sex organ. It improves sperm count, sperm quality and assist in infertility, balances and enhances endocrine function (avoid endocrine disorders) for optimum sexed performance libido and effectively promotes sexual satisfaction, In brief, it strengthens the natural balance of the male reproductive system for its optimal and superb performance.

Eros-Gen Capsule 4 Special Benefits

First Benefit: Effective And Unique
Eros-Gen Capsule is not an ordinary tonic or supplement It contains valuable and precious essence extracted from 1000 kg of diverse medicinal herbs into I kg. The great value of the synergistic combination different essence and precious ingredients resulting in a unique formula with high levels of potency making the remedy safe and effective.

Second Benefit: Restorative And effective Towards Various Heath Problems

Eros-Gen, almost a panacea besides remedy ailments. It also restores health and strength.

Third Benefit: Do Not Induce Drug Resistance

Eros-Gen capsule contains mostly natural, herbal ingredients nourishing. Proactive highly concentration, free from pollution and efficacious. Thus will not induce any drug resistance.

Fourth Benefit: Quickly Rejuvenate Sexual Organ

Eros-Gen contains high concentration of amino acid, and androgen. It stimulates cells in the testicles and quickly restores erection and potency, improves sex drive, enhances sexual performance and vitality, Eros-Gen strengthens erection, invigorates the male sexual organ, overcomes impotence and bridges the gap between sexual desire and high performance.