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SNE Capsule

April 14, 2010 25 comments
SNE Capsule

SNE Capsule

Product Name : SNE Capsule
Product Code : 10002
Weight : 500mg x 60 capsules
Malaysia Ministry of Health Registration No. : MAL20034169TCR
Price : USD 150 (Outside Malaysia)
RM 220 (Malaysia)


SNE Natural Essence uses macromolecular mucopolysaccharides as its main active ingredient supplemented by a bio-essence, wild fructus hippophae seed oil, extracted and refined utilizing supercritical carbon dioxide extractive technique. This is the first time ever that these two natural, nutrients-rich compounds are combined in the best proportion into one product, employing the new technology of “Rapid Enzyme Decomposition” .The product’s unique composition matches our body’s requirement for essential elements, enabling it to work its miracle on our body
SNE capsules is very rich source of vitamins and minerals, especially in vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotenes, flavanoids, and other bioactive compounds. SNE capsules increases the capability of the body’s immune-system and can prevent vitamin A deficiency in the body. Also has an antibacterial action; inhibits the growth of staphylococci and other bacteria. These effects are especially valuable at the end of a long winter, in the treatment of colds, febrile conditions, exhaustion, also during periods of convalescence.
SNE  capsules are  made from Seabuckthorn berries (Click here to learn more about Seabuckthorn). It does not contain any preservatives or chemical stabilizers. Each SNE capsule contains 500mg of pure (not blended) Seabuckthorn oil, and provides 500 mcg of beta-carotene (1/6 of daily requirement) and 500 mcg of vitamin E (1/3 of daily requirement). The suggested dosage is 2 capsules per day.
SNE Capsule wonders :
Promotes healthy arteries

Retards the development of atherosclerosis and cardiac disorders. SNE capsules are also a fairly good source of essential unsaturated fatty acids, that is important for regulation of prostaglandin synthesis. Prostaglandins regulates blood pressure and water-salt balance. Their role was emphasized in many scientific researches. Each SNE capsule contains 35-60% of Palmitoleic acid, 5-35% butyric oil acid and 0-15% linoleic acid. So high content of essential fatty acids is fairly uncommon for a fruit. Usually oils, animals fats and fish oils have these acids.

Anti-Cancer activity

Anti-tumor activity of Seabuckthorn was demonstrated in many scientific works. Just mention one of them. Chinese scientists Li Y and Liu H from Shanxi Medical College, Taiyuan, China published an article (IARC Sci. Publ. 1991; 105, 568-70) in which three group of rats were fed a diet containing carcinogens: First group (control) drunk a tap-water, second group drunk water with Vitamin C and the third group drunk water together with Seabuckthorn juice. The result were intrigues. The average life span of rats in a group given Seabuckthorn juice was 270 days, when given ascorbic acid – 220 days and in control group only 195 days. Moreover microscopic examinations of the liver (main target of carcinogens) showed that Seabuckthorn juice can prevent tumor production more effectively comparing with ascorbic acid solutions and pure water.

Regenerative effects

These were discovered during experiments on patients with skin defects. Promotes recovery from colitis, healing of erosion of the cervix, of stomach and duodenal ulcers, and of burns affecting the mucous membranes. Also speeds recovery from external wounds and sores, e.g. bedsores.

For healthy skin – a valuable external nutrient and ointment

As a skin nutritive and restorative

Such anti-oxsidants like vitamin E and beta-corotene effectively combat wrinkles, dryness, and other symptoms of aging or of a neglected skin. That is why SNE capsules delays the aging process externally and enternally.

As a healing ointment

The oil can be used as an ointment to promote healing of burns (including sunburn), eczema, radiation injury ulcers and small cuts or abrasions. This healing effect is due to the beta-carotene (provitamin-A) that is in Seabuckthorn oil. The oil should be applied to the skin after washing and drying, and left for at least 20 minutes before removal. For best results, apply in the evening and leave overnight. However, remember that it will probably leave a temporary slight yellow-orange stain – so try and apply evenly!

SNE Capsule contain such a wealth of ingredients:



Deficiency Diseases


Most abundantly found trace element in the human body, it is stored plentifully in the bone marrow, where blood cells are made. It is important to the mental development and immune system of the human body.

The most common iron deficiency diseases are iron-deficiency anemia, acute and chronic infection, and malignant tumor.


Takes part in the metabolism of nucleic acid, protein, sugar and fat. It is essential element in the growth process.

Growth retardation, bone deformity, delayed mental development, growth of reproduction system is affected. Reduced insulin activity, cirrhosis, lung cancer, nephropathy and gastro-intestinal disorder.


Gives structural support as in cell walls, bones, teeth etc. Plays a role in muscle contraction, nerve impulse transmission, gland function, vision, physiological and blood clotting mechanism.

Bone development is affected, osteoporosis, bone fractures, rickets, cavities, cramp, depression, back cramps.


It is important in maintaining the normal functions of heart, stomach and bones.

Atherosclerosis, thrombus, myocardial infarction.


It is the raw material that synthesizes over 30 types of enzymes in the human body.

Reduces Thyroid function, tubercle, rheumatism, malignant tumour, reduced blood vessel elasticity.


It is an activator of enzymes and constituent of metal enzymes.

Formation of Healthy cartilage is affected, impaired reproductive function, altered lipid metabolism, immune function disorder.


It is active constituent of the thyroid gland and plays a role in human intelligence.

Retarded fetal growth, impaired development or malformation of nervous system, hearing functions and thyroid gland.


An essential trace element for the human body, it has anti-cancer properties, it helps to protect the heart, prevents and treats Kashin-Beck disease (Big bone disease), slows down the aging process and neutralizes heavy metals and toxins in the body.

Abnormal bone growth, weakening heart function, liver function disorder, decline in immune function, susceptible to cancer.


Promotes metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins; maintain pH balance in body fluid and blood.

Loss of appetite, weakness, fatigue, muscle pain.


Found in bones and blood of human body, it maintains the pH balance in the body, sparks nerve impulses, maintain normal functions of muscles and nerves.

Appearance of symptoms such as loss of appetite, dizziness, nausea, palpitation, declining blood pressure.


Regulates Heart function, helps muscle function properly.

Muscle weakness, numbness, flatulence, slow reaction, underdevelopment, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure.


Enhances immune system functions, has anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-aging properties, stabilizes blood pressure.

High blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, osteoporosis, rheumatism.


Certificate for SNE Capsule From Ministry of Health Malaysia

Certificate for SNE Capsule From Ministry of Health Malaysia

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