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Slimmerz Capsule


SNE Slimmerz Capsule

SNE Slimmerz Capsule


Product Name :Slimmerz Capsule
Weight : 250mg x 60 capsules
Price : 
RM350.00 (Malaysia)

* Formulated with a combination of natural plant extracts quality
* Produced based on ‘adipose Tues theory’ .
* Decompose fat fast.
* Separate the excess sugar in the blood and the formation of new fat cells.
* Eliminate excess fat around the hips
* Eliminates excess body flesh in the stomach
* Eliminate the fat collection is divided dorsal
* Accelerate the breakdown of the inner thigh fat
* Safe, stable and effective.

Theories based on adipose cells, It eliminates free radical damages quickly, activating mitochondria to produce energy and better balance fat cells Keeper & Produce Fat cells energy to achieve slimness.

1) Increase the breakdown of fatty tissue.
2) effective slimming products, healthy and safe.
3) Slimming and detoxifying the body, smooth skin.
4) Protect and maintain the water content of muscle in the body, regulate adipose metabolismetisu rate.
5) Get rid of fat without reducing the amount of water does not cause diarrhea or harmful to internal organs

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