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Artercardy Essence

April 14, 2010


Product Name : Artercardy Essence
Product Code : 10022
Weight : 500mg x 60 capsules
Ministry of Health Registration No. : MAL08031424TR
Price : USD 160 (Outside Malaysia)
RM230.00 (Malaysia)

3 Major Factors

-Blood Vessel Life Factor
-Brain Enhancer Factor
-Heart Life Factor

Artercardy Essence
Integrates both medical theories of “co-therapy of the heart and brain” and “insufficient blood supply is the source of all diseases”. Protects and repair nervous cells, inhibits death of nervous cells, protects endothelial cells of blood vessel’s wall and myocardial cells, promotes regeneration of vascular anastomosis, improves microcirculation, lowers the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases. (by reducing plasma lipid and blood viscosity as well as stabilizing blood pressure.)


Seabuckthorn Seed Oil
Eradicates excess free radicals in the body, strengthens body’s immune function, regulates and repairs active immune cells of the body, enhances resistance of body against diseases, regulates endocrine system.

Grape seed Oil
Prevent and treats cardiovascular diseases, lowers cholesterol serum and blood pressure, resist free radicals and anti-aging.

Semen Carthamus Tinctorius Oil
Prevent deposition of serum cholesterol within blood vessel’s wall, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases.

Semen Glycine Max Extract
Reduces hyperlipidemia and high cholesterol, and thus prevents arteriosclerosis, promotes cerebral development and enhance memory.

Flaxseed Oil
Regulates the 3 “High” (high plasma lipid, high blood pressure, high blood glucose), prevents cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction, inhibits celebral hemorrhage, reduces invasiveness of pathogens, prevents prostatitis effectively.

Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Oil
Protect the liver, fights against unhealthy cells, inhibits synthesis of cholesterol, anti-oxidant and anti-virus.

Semen Cassiae Obtusifolia
Has effects of regulating immunity, antibacterial, prevent cancerous, lowering blood pressure, regulating plasma lipid, visual-enhancing and laxative.

Folium Apocyni Veneti
Increases contractibility of heart, dilates blood vessel, reduces plasma lipid and blood pressure, prevents hardening of myocardium and coronary artery and anti-aging.


-Has unique function on softening hardened blood vessel
-Assists in lowering blood pressure, plasma lipid and blood viscosity
-Effectively restores damage from hypertension on targeted organs
-Acts directly on blood vessels and visceral organs without rebound
-100% bio-active ingredients and has fast effects
-Alleviates signs and symptoms as well as the root cause for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Effects of Artercardy Essence :

1st course treatment

Therapeutic period : 1 – 10 days
Eliminates toxin in the blood and stabilizes blood pressure

2nd course treatment

Restorative period : 30 – 60 days
Conditions visceral organs and softens hardened blood vessels

3rd course treatment

Consolidation period : after 60 days
Reduces plasma lipid and maintains blood pressure

6 Major characteristics of Artercardy Essence
-Breakdown lipid molecules, rapidly dissolve thrombus within blood vessels
-Activate brain cells, restore neurotransmission systems
-Restore body function and enhance memory
-Clear off obstruction in blood vessels, resolve blood stasis, reduce blood viscosity
-Concentrated plant essence which is absorbed rapidly and produces excellent effect
-Regular consumption reassures improvement without recurrence

Certificate for Artecady Essence From Ministry of Health Malaysia

Certificate for Artecady Essence From Ministry of Health Malaysia

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